Central Men's Ministry

To reach out to men to create disciples with our three main core principles: be connected, be transparent, be led by the Spirit.



As we continue in this time of solitude and isolation, wouldn’t it be great if we could set apart some time weekly to just grab a coffee and chat.  Tell us what bothers you, what troubles you are going through, or just whatever is on your mind.  This program will be one-on-one time to talk about anything with a trained disciple to go over anything that is on your mind or what you are experiencing in life.  Of course, for now it will be virtual, but that will be taken care of by the disciple you are paired with.

 If you are interested in pairing up with one of our senior program disciples, please email Sushant to be assigned a weekly session with a disciple from Central.  All you need to do is send your name, email address, and cell-phone number, and a disciple will be assigned to you.  

Sometimes it feels good just to talk…

Also, there will be a free $10.00 Starbucks gift card for the first 4 people to sign up.  This will be used for your first in-person meeting.

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"The Men's Discipleship class influenced me in a number of positive ways; however, the most important takeaway was how I viewed my spiritual gifts and place of service. Initially, I did not believe that there was anything particularly important about my role as an usher on a Sunday morning, but then it occurred to me that the church resembles a hospital, where people who are spiritually sick and wounded go to be healed. I began to view myself and my fellow ushers as the orderlies leading the sick and needy into the presence of the King who can heal them. Our role was to offer warmth, kindness, and practical assistance to those who entered the church doors."

I have been a believer for about 20 years. The first time I was invited to come to the Men’s retreat at Central my thoughts were “I don't need this” - I am a good Christian, a good husband and good father.  I do not need to go away on a retreat and enjoy myself when I could use that time and money on my family.  I went because of my wife’s encouragement to go and Jaquan’s consistent invitations.  The experience was not what I expected it to be. God works in mysterious ways - He made it true, that as men, we need time to reflect on ourselves.  Listening to each other's praise reports and prayer needs enabled me and is still equipping me to be a better servant of God.  If we are having a good year with many blessing we are called to stand with those who have not and support them in any way that God leads you.  If we are found lacking, God is there in our brothers to pull us out, walk with us, and work in our hearts to accept the help and assistance we are given.  I would emphasize that attending the Men’s Retreat is a blessing, if not for you, then for your brothers in Christ with your presence.

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