Current Series

Yes, You!

A Magical Christmas

We are going to examine the Christmas narratives each week from the perspective that Christmas is not about Magic but about the greatest miracle ever! 

All In

Over the past year and a half, Pastor Gay, the Elders, and the pastoral staff have been working through and on a new vision statement for Central. That vision statement is:

We will be a diverse community following Christ anywhere bringing hope to the hurting.

The purpose is to clarify who God has called us to be here at Central and what direction He is calling us to go in the years ahead.


These are chaotic times! Just check your iPhone for the latest news update to be reminded of political instability, natural disasters, or even closer to home, relational instability. How are we to stay grounded so that we do not find our lives in an upheaval? Join us in September for a new series ROOTED, God's Answer to not only survive the times but thrive and grow in ways you cannot imagine!

At The Movies

Without a doubt, movies speak to where our culture is, and the Word of God speaks to God’s heart for our culture. Starting this weekend, we will examine a popular movie and look at God's Word for insight and wisdom.



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