State of Mind

When times are changing and our circumstances become unpredictable, it causes additional stress and makes us all feel a little anxious. Have you noticed that people around you have become more defensive? Has your fuse gotten shorter? Preventing unnecessary confrontations will require you to wake up in the morning with the right state of mind. Learn this Sunday how important it is to have the mind of Christ.

Hope Deferred

Most of the time, we don't enjoy waiting. Waiting in traffic, waiting for deliveries, waiting to see all of your church friends in person!

In this series Hope Deferred, we are going to get to know people in the Bible who had to wait on God. It wasn't easy for them either. This week we are going to look at Moses, whose hope was deferred for 40 years!

ALIVE | Easter

He’s alive! There are a lot of extraordinary events that have happened in history but nothing quite like this. Jesus gets up after being dead for days and then shows himself to people. Some may have doubts about whether it even happened or are wondering what it all means. Easter was never intended to be a mystery but an invitation to a new life.


For most people, going on an adventure seems like something that only happens in movies. What makes adventures exciting are the unknown challenges and places that are yet to be discovered. Jesus leads His disciples on an uncharted course to a destination that they never expected, and He challenges us to do the same.



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